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By providing the XÖV-standardised XUBetrieb “Model Components” and by making them freely available to all, we seek to create a situation which Germany’s federal system prevents us from achieving. A win win situation for all.

Newly developed interfaces will rely on the model components to determine the structure of the exchanged data. The use of these components involves no extra effort at any point, but instead reduces the effort in defining interfaces.

The more applications make use of the XUBetrieb model components, the more likely it becomes that a XUBetrieb-compatible interface will already be in place at one side of the communication. The use of the model components by one or both partners of a data (information) exchange significantly reduces programming needs.

In the end, all communication partners will have the same interface structures, and all will benefit from it.

This will happen without prescribing to anyone which infrastructure to use. Nobody will have to pay for an application one does not wish to use. But if users - companies, city, district, federal or european authorities - get together to develop an application using the XUBetrieb interface structure, the data exchange will follow easily.

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