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Prozessdatenbeschleuniger (P23R)

The projects XUBetrieb and Prozessdatenbeschleuniger (P23R) complement each other in a perfect way.

P23R aims at optimising the communication between business and authorities as well as the inter-authority communication. Therefor P23R provides an infrastructure description that standardises the administrative parts of the communication.
That is to reduce the efforts of establishing automated communication to solely technical contents and issues on one hand and to foster the reuse of components of the communication infrastructure on the other hand.

XUBetrieb is targeting to optimise the communication between arbitrary partners who exchange company-related environmental information. Thereto XUBetrieb provides a library of technical model components that is freely available, well structured and documented and is to be used for data structures of messages and IT systems.
Thus XUBetrieb as well addresses the priciple of reutilisation of components to exploit the savings potential.

Due to the organisational framework conditions both projects have been carried out at the same time. Thence the implementations of the P23R principle yet do not make use of the XUBetrieb component library. Due to the fact that the targets of P23R (infrastructure standardisation) and XUBetrieb (standardisation of the technical models) don't overlap, this is unproblematic.

Now is the time to emphasize the suitability of both concepts, to convince the decision makers to use and promote the concepts.
Doing so, ideally both concepts will be used and united.